The Alexander Downs Story

The rolling hills surrounding Merriwa in the Upper Hunter Valley of NSW is the perfect environment for raising high quality beef and pork.  Clean air, natural pastures and an abundance of pristine water enable the animals to be ethically and sustainably raised, resulting in a product second to none.

    Our history in the Hunter

    The Gill family has been raising stock in the Hunter Valley since 1839 when William and Anne Gill moved from Sussex in England to settle at Mulbring. In 1973 Alexander with his two sons, Robert and David bought Alexander Downs.

    The extensive farm at Merriwa has evolved over the generations with the underlying ethos of caring for the land.

    The Gill family is focused on maintaining the pastures and natural environment to produce a naturally raised and sustainable product.

    “If you look after the land and invest in breeding…it will pay back in quality meat.’’ – Robert Gill.

    From our paddock to your plate

    From our paddock to your plate

    At Alexander Downs, we control the whole process from managing the environment through to breeding, production and delivery to some of the best restaurants and butchers on the eastern seaboard.

    This end-to-end process and quality control from the pastures of the Upper Hunter to the plates in homes and restaurants is Alexander Down’s point of difference.

    You can be confident the Alexander Downs beef and pork will always be tasty, tender and delicious.