The Farm

At Alexander Downs, family values are at our core. We would not produce anything we wouldn’t be happy to feed to our own families. We select the optimum livestock genetics for our production system, use animal welfare best practice and ensure environmental stewardship.

Rest assured Alexander Downs products are true to our ethos of ethically raised in a sustainable environment.


    At Alexander Downs, White Landrace sows are crossed with premium Durac boars to produce a superior product renowned for its tenderness and rich flavour.

    Packed with natural juiciness, Alexander Downs pork will not disappoint.

    Simply put, you will be left wanting for more.


    Angus and Angus cross cattle are raised on the natural fertile pastures of Alexander Downs.

    An integrated process and quality control from the paddock to the plate is what sets Alexander Downs apart.

    It ensures tender, juicy and delicious beef every time.



    Clean air, mountain pure water and green pastures makes for a product respected around the world.
    Our lamb is sourced from the prime grazing areas of the Southern and Central regions of NSW. Our lamb is packed with a unique bundle of nutrients essentials for good health.